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The fastest way to deliver your goods worldwide by Air Cargo. It’s being handled by a professional airfreight division team, with a strong network of contacts with the most important cargo airlines through the whole world, we provide the maximum flexibility and complete schedule of delivery options, meeting the time and prices for all the sensible demands. You can send the goods in carton boxes, wooden crate or wooden boxes.

SEA FREIGHT SERVICES ( FCL: Full Container Load)
The enclosed steel containers are available in 3 sizes 20 ft, 40 ft, and 40 high cube. It’s about 30, 60, 72 Cubic Meter respectively, or roughly 300, 600, 720 normal size shipping boxes. This type is the most commonly used in the cargo field. The Advantages of using the enclosed container are product protection and safety, and allowing the most economical use of space. Our FCL rate is the most competitive rate and you also will get the local handling charge at the lowest rate. It will help you to get the low cost for sending your cargos from Bali.

SEA FREIGHT SERVICES ( LCL : Less Container Load)
 LCL is a shipment that is not large enough to fill a standard cargo container.
We have consolidated the partial shipment to anywhere in the world. Usually we found some different shippers to the same destination portal for efficiency and less expensive shipment cost.  All shipment will handle by our dedicated agent in a professional ways.

We provide you product service information for Handicraft, Furniture, Home Accesorries, Garden Accessories, Stone and Terraccota Sculpture, Garments, Accessories and much more. We are allocating your order, quality controlling and securing your quality needs. Handling the payment, shipping the goods and sending the documents and all report to you.

We serve you for sending cargo, parcel and documents for all cities in the world and in Indonesia as well.

IMPORT SERVICE; Handling import and documents from most countries around the world.

STORAGE; Available spaces to storage your goods, annual or monthly rent.

REMOVING HOUSE(Personal); Handling remove and transport the house in or out of Bali.

PACKING; If you need our servise for packing only, we have team to be ready for.

STUFFING; Providing container, loading in, tracking to the sea-port and ship it out.



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